Farm History
Rademaker’s Rusted Route Farms has always been a place that could stand on its own two feet.  Originally built to be a homestead, it boasts a spring fed pond, creek, several species of nut trees and a history of all natural fruits, vegetables, pork, free-range chicken and grass-fed beef and lamb.  A once private property owned by the Strack family, Rusted Route Farms opened to the public for the first time with Jones Heritage Farm and Market.  Heritage Farms brought the community to feast with its delectable brunch and a wide variety of all natural goods.  There were also several gatherings lending a sense of community to the property.

Meet the Rademakers

Both raised in Cape Girardeau, Mark and Tia met in downtown Cape amid the historic buildings and live music.  Once married, Mark’s job took them to Southern California.  After living there for five years and having two children, they realized they missed their roots.  A few nights a week of Fixer Upper-the show full of family farm life, renovation and shiplap-inspired them to realize their dream for their family: Raise their babies on acreage in their home town, while transforming a 110 year old farmhouse (uninhabitated for over 40 years other than by raccoons, wasps and the occasional groundhog!) and providing a secluded farm for the community’s most joyful events in a setting of hard barnwood meets soft glamour.

5739 State Highway W – Jackson – MO 63755

RESERVATIONS: 573-200-0797